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Helicopter & Aeroplane Charter Specialists

Michael Green Aviation specialises in arranging both fixed wing as well as rotary wing charter flights covering both the United Kingdom and Europe.

Aircraft Charter

The available aircraft range from a Robinson R44 helicopter, which seats a maximum of 3 passengers, a full instrument equipped, Eurocopter Twin Squirrel helicopter, which can seat up to a maximum of 5 passengers, a twin engine Piper Seneca seating up to 5 passengers and a pressurised Beech King Air C90GTx which seats 6 passengers. In addition we can offer a full jet service to Europe and beyond through contacts in this field.

Helicopter flights can range from wedding and birthday celebrations, pleasure flights, beating the traffic jams to a wide number of racecourses throughout the UK, as well as business trips.

Helicopters are ideally suited for short and medium range journeys up to around 150 miles or so, where several landings may be required in a day and a maximum sector time of around one and a half hours. For longer journeys, an aeroplane is more suitable with either the Seneca or the King Air.

To find out more about charter flights, please use our contact us.